Importance of pharmacy compounding services

Pharmacy compounding services are an essential component of the pharmacy industry. One of the primary aims of the pharmacy industry is to serve the medical needs of the wider community and to ensure that each patient is provided their required medication in the way that they are able to take it inside their body system. Compounding falls into the area and is the practice of producing personalised medicine for each patient niche market, and there are several niches in this sector.

2 Reasons to Have Your Child's Ranitidine Prescription Filled by a Compounding Pharmacy

Ranitidine reduces stomach acid and is commonly prescribed to children diagnosed with acid reflux. However, it has a sharp, bitter taste that some children find unpalatable. It's available in tablet and liquid form, and children are usually prescribed the liquid version. This is due to the ease with which the dose can be changed when using the liquid version, as the dosage is dependent on weight and will increase as your child grows.